Program Types

Petra, Jordan

Area Studies (new window)

Our area studies programs are generally located in countries where students do not have the opportunity to directly enroll in a local university because the host country language is not taught at Georgetown (or is not offered at a high enough level). Students on these programs generally focus on a subject area and take content courses in English along with one host country language course.

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Business (new window)

Our business programs are designed for students enrolled in the McDonough School of Business. Some of our business programs are open only to MSB students, whereas other programs have classes available to business students and those from other schools such as the SFS and the College. Students who participate in these programs have the opportunity to take courses toward their MSB degree while abroad.

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Direct Enrollment

Students are encouraged to enroll in direct enrollment programs in English-speaking countries, and in countries in which the language of instruction is French, German, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian. Direct enrollment programs will provide students with the best option for cultural immersion.


GU Faculty-led Summer Study Abroad (new window)

The majority of our Georgetown faculty-led summer programs are coordinated and administered by a GU faculty member and the Office of Global Education. The faculty member accompanies students overseas and serves as a point of contact for emergencies, plans the program’s cultural events and excursions, and teaches or supervises course instruction at foreign host universities. Thematic programs are taught in English and cover a wide range of contemporary topics, while language programs combine the latest methods of foreign language pedagogy with all the benefits of linguistic and cultural immersion abroad. Program length, program costs, credits and courses offered, and accommodations vary by program.

Villa class

Villa le Balze / Georgetown in Doha, Qatar (new window)

Georgetown University owns Villa le Balze (new window) in Fiesole, Italy. Georgetown in Fiesole, Italy – Villa Le Balze (new window) is a living-learning community where you take Georgetown courses abroad. The Villa hosts visiting faculty from the main campus and other universities each semester, and offers different course options each semester. You may also study at Georgetown’s satellite campus in Doha, Qatar. Students studying at Georgetown in Doha, Qatar (new window) have the opportunity to take Georgetown courses alongside degree-seeking students. Grades earned on these programs are factored into a student’s Georgetown GPA.

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Language (new window)

Language programs are offered to students who may not be prepared for direct enrollment at a foreign university. They are generally offered in smaller cities that allow for greater cultural immersion and language practice. Students on these programs will mainly focus on language acquisition and will have the opportunity to further develop their reading, writing, and speaking skills in the host country’s language.


Nursing (new window)

Nursing programs are offered to students in Georgetown’s School of Nursing. These programs offer the clinical component necessary for you to receive transfer credit toward your degree.

Service Learning (new window)

Programs with service learning courses offer the opportunity to work with underserved communities as part of study abroad. Course objectives and community work are integrated. The aim of service learning courses is to allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the host culture while facilitating an in-depth perspective on course content through these experiences.