Direct a Georgetown Faculty-Led Program

Short-term Faculty-led Programs

Short-term Faculty-Led Programs

Short-term faculty-led study abroad programs are intensive, credit-bearing global learning experiences, designed and delivered by Georgetown faculty member (or members) in an overseas location during a period of 8 weeks or less.

The Office of Global Education assists faculty and academic units to develop and administer short-term programs for undergraduate students, and serves as a source of guidance and expertise on the Forum on Education Abroad’s Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad. Faculty interested in developing non-credit or graduate-level study abroad opportunities should contact the Office of Global Services’ Global Programs Support Services team.

Short-term faculty-led programs are a dynamic form of global teaching and learning. They complement longer forms of study abroad by appealing to students with varying academic and personal motivations or commitments, as well as to departments looking to create well-integrated global learning experiences abroad for their students. Academically, they allow for a “deep dive” into course content in a direct and immersive way; many also deliver opportunities for meaningful engagement with the host community and culture, through structured curricular and co-curricular programming. Program length and design are highly customizable — programs can take place over the course of the summer term and can be combined with other high impact pedagogical frameworks such as undergraduate research, community engagement, small living and learning cohorts, or linguistic or cultural immersion.

OGE administers approximately 20 short-term faculty-led programs each year, enrolling over 300 students, and welcomes collaboration with faculty members and departments from the main undergraduate schools to enhance their courses and curriculum through intentional and innovative program development. For further information, please contact the Office of Global Education at

Propose a New Program

Propose a New Program

Faculty wishing to develop new short-term programs must submit a proposal to the Office of Global Education using OGE’s Faculty-Led Program Proposal Form.

A complete proposal includes the following components: (1) Signed Cover Sheet; (2) Proposal Form; (3) Preliminary Budget. The deadline to submit a completed proposal for summer is June 1 of the previous calendar year.

The purpose of the proposal process is to vet the quality and viability of the proposed program. Successful proposals will contain detailed and specific information, and demonstrate the support of the faculty member’s primary academic department and school. Faculty are strongly encouraged to contact the Office of Global Education to schedule a preliminary meeting to discuss conceptualization of the proposed program before submission.

Upon submission, program proposals are reviewed on an annual basis by an internal working group of staff from the Offices of Global Education and Global Services, and may also be submitted to other university offices or bodies (such as General Counsel or the Office of Risk Management) as considered necessary. Faculty proposers will be informed as to whether the program as been: (A) Approved; (B) Conditionally Approved; (C) Not approved for development by August 1.

For further information, or to discuss ideas for a new program proposal, please contact the Office of Global Education at