About Us

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Our Mission

The mission of the Georgetown University (GU) Office of Global Education (OGE) is to promote, support, and develop international and intercultural educational opportunities for students and in so doing, help to define the international character of Georgetown.

Vision and Goals

Our vision is to foster a global perspective where all Georgetown students transform and grow together through mutual understanding and respect.

Goal 1: Develop global educational experiences connecting disciplines that prepare all Georgetown students to address the needs and challenges of a diverse and changing world.

Goal 2: Deliver programs and services that promote student development, well-being, and engagement while building an inclusive global community that seeks to address inequities so every student can thrive.

Goal 3: Steward resources responsibly to efficiently meet our mission, vision, and goals while maximizing student engagement and connection.

Goal 4: Foster excellence through collaboration, continuous improvement, and innovation.

OGE Accessibility Statement

The Office of Global Education is committed to making study abroad accessible to all interested and eligible students. We hope that students with accessibility needs will pursue study abroad opportunities and use the available support services on campus for assistance and advice when necessary.

With over 200 approved programs, we are confident that you will find a program that fits your interests and goals. Programs offer varying degrees of academic and lifestyle support. Please make an appointment with the OGE advisor specializing in your geographic area of interest to discuss how to best support any special needs you might have on programs that may interest you.

To learn more about the resources available for you on campus and also for advice on how to request accommodations overseas, please visit the Georgetown Academic Resource Center’s website. Additional support can be found on the Mobility International website.