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The Office of Global Education is located at 3520 Prospect Street, N.W. (Car Barn, Suite 171) in Washington, D.C. You can contact us by phone: (202) 687-3132 or by email: We look forward to working with you!

Georgetown Community

I am a Georgetown student, staff, or faculty member

Schedule an On-Campus Information Session with OGE

If you are an RA, other student leader, or faculty member on campus, we would be happy to schedule an information session or overview of the study abroad process. Please fill out the following form to schedule a session with an OGE Staff Member or Peer Advisor to visit your student group or classroom.

Partner or Provider

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Policy Regarding On-Campus Recruitment for Education Abroad Programs

The Office of Global Education welcomes representatives of organizations and institutions that sponsor programs for Georgetown University students to visit our office. To provide the best assistance possible for our visitors, we have developed the following recruiting policies and procedures.

Inquiries should be made no less than two weeks in advance of the proposed visit. If you work with an OGE staff member, please contact them directly. Other inquiries may be directed to

Representatives may contact our office directly in order to identify additional methods of making their presence on campus known, possibly including contact with students who have applied or shown interest in their programs, contact with former program participants on campus, or a flyer to be posted in around campus and in our Welcome Center.*

*The Office of Global Education will distribute this information on behalf of visitors.

Policy Regarding Promotion/Marketing of Education Abroad Programs

The Office of Global Education does not actively promote education abroad programs and services unless we have a strong familiarity with the provider or an established relationship. In developing opportunities for our students, our office is guided by the NAFSA Statement of Ethical Principles. We will not disclose student information to outside vendors who may wish to market programs, products, or services to Georgetown students.

Program providers with no official relationship to Georgetown University may not promote their programs on campus without affiliation or prior approval from the Office of Global Education. On-campus promotion includes: tabling, classroom visits, faculty meetings, placing posters on bulletin boards and handing out printed materials on campus. Program representatives are encouraged to follow the NAFSA Statement of Ethical Principles.

Group Meetings

A group meeting, co-sponsored by the Office of Global Education, can be organized if there is sufficient interest. Please note that such meetings require the participation of a member of our staff, and are therefore only possible as staff time permits.

Other Meetings

We kindly ask that visitors work through our office to schedule appointments with faculty members, advisors or administrators in other campus departments. If there are compelling reasons that necessitate faculty and staff time, we will attempt to arrange private appointments for representatives to meet with colleagues outside our office.


The Office of Global Education is not able to make transportation or accommodation arrangements. Transportation information can be obtained from the Office of Transportation Management and accommodation information is available on the Plan Your Visit page of the Georgetown Website.

Printed Materials

Due to limited space and in an effort to conserve resources, we encourage visitors to distribute electronic materials to us whenever possible. We will also encourage interested students to request their own copies of materials directly from your organization.

Contacting Alumni

Our office does not share alumni information with our program partners. It is of growing frequency that many overseas institutions and study abroad programs will consider study abroad participants as alumni (of varying definitions) and try to maintain contact (for various reasons such as establishing a network, etc.). Our office would expect that the host institution/program would maintain their own records for their alumni efforts and not seek our assistance in this matter.

Media Enquires

I have a media or interview request

Media Inquiries

Media inquiries, including print media and campus newspapers, should be directed to Craig Rinker, Director of Global Education, at (202) 687-5867 or

Interview Requests

All informational interview or student interview requests must be submitted to the appropriate senior staff member via email. The email request must include the purpose of the interview, the questions that will be asked, as well as the deadline for submitting a response. While we may not always be able to accommodate all interview requests, we are happy to receive inquiries.