My Academic Credit

If you were officially nominated by Georgetown University and successfully completed what is considered to be a full courseload at your host university/study abroad program site in accordance with the Courseload & Grading Policy posted in you myGUAbroad application, you will typically receive 15-16 Georgetown credits and 5 course equivalents per semester. Summer credits vary depending on the program, ranging between 3-12 credits. Check individual program websites for details. 

The way in which credits are earned and grades are posted is determined by program type. On GU-Administered Programs (Villa Le Balze, faculty-led programs) and Georgetown in Qatar, credits and grades will appear on the Georgetown transcript, and will factor into the Georgetown QPI/GPA. For affiliated programs or approved independent petition semester programs, in which credits are transferred back to Georgetown, grades awarded overseas will be listed on the Georgetown transcript but will not be included in the Georgetown GPA.

You should consult your programs brochure and the myGUAbroad signature documents for more detailed academic policies. You should also ask their deans and OGE advisors about credit transfers, pass/fail, and other academic policies relating to study abroad or for review of specific courses not listed on your signed study proposal.

Where is my transcript?

  • Transcripts for GU-Approved programs are sent to OGE by the overseas program. When they are received by the office, your application homepage will show that it has been processed by OGE and forwarded to the appropriate dean’s office.
  • Each respective dean will then post the overseas courses to the Georgetown transcript.
  • You may request an unofficial copy of the overseas transcript. Please note that it often takes several months from the end of a program for OGE to receive transcripts from overseas institutions.
  • You should review the transcript for accuracy and notify your overseas studies advisor if you believe the transcript contains an error. Please note that the procedures for challenging grades will vary from site to site and, in some cases, may not be possible.
  • Students on Independent Petition programs are responsible for making arrangements with their program sponsor to forward their transcripts directly to OGE.
  • Important: Due to the regulations of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), students who participate on a program administered by a U.S.-based institution (e.g., Duke University, Syracuse University, University of Kansas, etc.) will have to officially request that the program provider forward an official transcript to OGE once their overseas program has ended.

The Georgetown University deans provide the following school-specific guidelines for overseas credit allocation. If you have further questions about the process, you should contact your dean.

I am a . . .

College Student

Once the College receives your overseas transcript you should:

  • Go to the¬†Evaluation of Transfer Credit form on the College’s website¬†( (new window)).
  • Meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the appropriate advisor for your major and minor departments, and provide them with copies of your syllabi, written work, and assignments if they are requested.
  • Ask the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the appropriate advisor to sign the form indicating departmental approval (the deans will ask the faculty to indicate the specific course numbers for each overseas course to be allocated).
  • Return the form to your dean’s office for review and posting.

No credit will be allocated until you submit the form with the appropriate faculty signatures. Students seeking general education credit for a study abroad course should petition their dean. As appropriate, the dean will request departmental input. Any questions about credit allocation should be directed to your dean.

MSB Student

If you are in the McDonough School of Business, you must obtain course clearance from your dean on the initial study proposal submitted at the time of application for study abroad. If your courses change once you are on-site, you will need to contact your dean for clearance to take the courses not already approved. Upon return from study abroad, you should:

  • Provide your dean with a syllabus and/or course description (translated if you studied abroad at a non-English speaking site) for each course that was not pre-approved by your dean.
  • Obtain approval for minor classes from your minor department if courses were not pre-approved.

SFS Student

If you are an student in the School of Foreign Service, you should obtain course clearance from your dean (for overseas courses toward the major, SFS core, and elective classes) on the initial study proposal at the time of application for study abroad. If your courses change once you are on-site, you will need to contact your dean for clearance to take the courses not already approved. Upon return, you should:

  • Clear pending course approvals by submitting course materials to your dean or the certificate administrator. These materials may include syllabi, written work and course descriptions.

SOH or SON Applicant

The credit processes for SON and SOH are under review. Please email your dean with credit transfer questions if you are a member of these schools.

Non-GU Student

If you are a non-Georgetown student and you participated on a Georgetown study abroad program, please follow the instructions below on to obtain an official Georgetown transcript.