UK Program Spotlights: Cardiff and Brighton

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There’s more than London to the UK! Check out a few of our excellent partners on the other side of the Pond in Cardiff and Brighton, and be sure to check out our whole playlist of UK Takeover Tuesdays.

Cardiff University

Cardiff castle with bushes out front and a gray sky.

Study abroad at one of the top research institutions in the UK! Cardiff University is located in the heart of Cardiff, just a ten minute walk to Cardiff’s bustling city center or to Cardiff Castle. As the capital city of Wales, Cardiff boasts Welsh and English as its official languages, providing a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in Welsh language and culture alongside their academic pursuits. Cardiff’s prime location makes it the perfect place for exploration. Serving as a pivotal rail hub in eastern Wales, Cardiff offers convenient access to neighboring cities and sites of interest.  The Principality Stadium is located in Cardiff and is a dynamic venue that pulsates with activity year-round. From thrilling sporting events to mesmerizing concerts and vibrant cultural festivals, it plays host to a diverse array of events. Notably, it proudly serves as the revered home ground of the Wales national rugby union team.

Beyond its prime location, Cardiff University presents a diverse array of courses and extracurricular activities. From Climate Change and Environmental Governance to Reporting the World, students can choose from over 900 courses to tailor their academic experience. The university’s vibrant Students’ Union, boasting over 200 clubs, further enhances the student experience, providing ample opportunities for networking and personal growth. 

Hoyas may study abroad at Cardiff University for a full-year term or a spring term.

For more insight into life at Cardiff University, check out its program brochure and Joe Vitali’s (CAS’25) #TakeoverTuesday

University of Sussex 

The Royal Pavilion building in Brighton, UK.

Situated just outside the vibrant coastal city of Brighton, United Kingdom, the University of Sussex is renowned for its distinguished programs in American Studies, Anthropology, and International Development. Notably, the university has garnered recognition for its commitment to environmental sustainability, reflecting its dedication to shaping a greener future. Distinctive among UK universities, the University of Sussex boasts its own self-contained campus, providing students with a rich and cohesive academic environment.

University of Sussex has a ton of nearby attractions to explore, such as the Royal Pavilion, Brighton Pier for ocean views and the beach, and the Lanes, a historic art quarter. Take advantage of Sussex’s proximity to London is just 55 minutes by train ride for weekend excursions. Alternatively, one of England’s newly recognized national parks, South Downs National Park, is only about ten miles from campus. For our sports enthusiasts, Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club, Brighton’s premier league team, play home games right across the street from campus. The university offers the best of both worlds with the countryside nearby and the bustling city life. 

Sussex boasts over 200 societies, 30 sports clubs, and a plethora of volunteering opportunities. Whether your interests lie in filmmaking, video gaming, breakdancing, or unconventional sports like Quidditch, Sussex offers the perfect platform to explore and embrace new experiences.

Hoyas can study abroad at the University of Sussex for a full-year or spring term. While abroad, Hoyas have taken classes across disciplines, ranging from, but not limited to, Digital Marketing, Philosophy of Religion, and different Creative Production classes. Whether you’re interested in sports, music, volunteering, or student activism, you’ll find ample opportunities to get involved and make the most of your time at the University of Sussex. 

To learn more about University of Sussex, check out its program brochure!