International Interconnectedness via Instagrammable Food

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Do you follow our Instagram (@guabroad)? If not, check it out – right now, OGE is partnering with the Georgetown Gastronomes to do a social media event called #AroundTheGloBowlIn80Days. We have collaborated with the Gastronomes to choose seven days of culinary significance between the beginning of February and the end of April to highlight seven different styles of cuisine. On these days, listed below, both OGE’s account and the Georgetown Gastronomes account (@georgetowngastronomes) will post pictures of the corresponding dish.

Food carries important cultural implications all over the world because it is integral to our wellbeing. Oftentimes, culinary traditions migrate through different cultures, each of which alters a recipe to suit its own needs. This facilitates international interconnection via food, and has also led to many variations on similar basic dishes throughout the world. For this reason, we have chosen dishes that carry rich traditions in various world cultures.

If one of these dishes speaks to you and you want to participate in #AroundTheGloBowlIn80Days, we would love to see your creations! Tag @guabroad in your Instagram post or story, or send an email to with a picture of your culinary masterpiece.

The schedule:

February 9th – National Pizza Day

February 20th – National Cherry Pie Day

March 9th – National Meatball Day

March 21st – National French Bread Day

March 27th – Spanish Paella Day

April 4th – National Ramen Noodle Day

April 26th – National Pretzel Day