Submit Payment

What costs am I responsible for paying directly to Georgetown?

The exchange agreement between your home institution and Georgetown University may include covered costs beyond the tuition benefit; any additional benefit will be outlined in your acceptance letter. Please refer to your acceptance letter to determine which costs are covered and which are your responsibility to pay directly to Georgetown. 

On-campus housing costs vary; room rates can be found on the Office of Residential Living website. There are also several meal plan options, ranging from Carte Blanche to 75 meals per semester. Students are encouraged to research their options at Hoya Hospitality. It is recommended that you purchase your on-campus meal plan prior to your arrival. Changes to your meal plan can be made during the first two weeks of the semester. Full year students can adjust their meal plan after the end of the first semester.  

How do I submit my payment?

You can determine the amount you are responsible to pay to Georgetown by reviewing your student account in MyAccess. You will need your NetID and password to log in to your MyAccess account.  

The easiest and most cost-effective way to pay for your fees is via wire transfer to the Office Billing and Payment Services. You will need to  set up a flywire account and follow their instructions in order to make your payment via this method. Wire transfers must be made in US dollars.  

Payment can also be made  via e-check, paper check, cash, or credit card. More information about each payment method can be found on the Office of Billing and Payment Services website.

Your expenses must be paid in full before you arrive on campus. If your bill remains unpaid at the time of your arrival, you will incur an $80 per month late fee until the balance of the bill is paid in full. Please be aware that it may take up to two weeks for transferred funds to post to your Georgetown account; please plan accordingly to ensure an on time payment. Opening a US bank account and transferring funds from abroad can take several days. It is recommended that you bring sufficient cash funds to cover initial expenses until you gain access to any funds you transfer to a US bank account.