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We facilitate undergraduate credit-bearing study abroad opportunities. Serving Georgetown College, the Walsh School of Foreign Service, the McDonough School of Business, and the School of Nursing and Health Studies, we send approximately 900 students abroad to earn academic credit in over 50 countries.

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Stories Beyond the Hilltop

  • A Garden to Gather
    October 20, 2019
    A bonfire, a potluck, a harvest celebration—all these are features of the autumn festivals that, just prior to my study in Prague, I had assumed were distinctly American traditions that I had thus been preparing to miss through my semester abroad. To my surprise and delight, I experienced them all in a community garden in […]
  • Fiery Theatrics
    October 11, 2019
    Last night my friend Lauren and I went to an experimental Russian theater production. We knew exactly three facts about the play going in: It would be a live theater performance It would be lit solely by candles It would be entirely in Russian We were told to meet at a movie theater near the […]
  • Learning to “Profiter”
    October 3, 2019
    Since coming to Lyon, one of the biggest adjustments for me has been adapting to a slower pace of life. Wandering around my neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon, I’ve often felt like I’m back in my small hometown in Alabama rather than the second  largest city in France, as the dynamic of my otherwise lively […]
  • Women in Russia
    September 30, 2019
    Women in Russia. There are a million things to say. Basically, the women of St. Petersburg are Cady Heron, and I am the girl who buys army pants and flip flops. (ref: Mean Girls.) During my first few weeks here, I’ve found myself trying to mimic the way Russian women walk and stand, the way […]

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