Conditions of Participation

Students participating on study abroad programs through the Office of Global Education are expected to adhere to the following Conditions of Participation.

  1. I will accept responsibility for my own decisions and actions.
  2. I understand that students nominated to study abroad are expected to remain in good standing at Georgetown University or their home university. Good standing, for purposes of overseas study, translates into maintaining a strong, consistent academic record, meeting the academic standards established for each site and exhibiting a history of good citizenship and conduct. I am aware that academic, housing and disciplinary records are reviewed prior to departure and students whose records indicate a significant decline in QPI/GPA or a housing or disciplinary sanction prior to departure may be withdrawn from overseas studies.
  3. I understand that I am required to inform my dean and study abroad advisor of any change in my academic status or of any academic or disciplinary violation/sanction which occurs during the selection process for study abroad, prior to departure, or while abroad, even if the matter is not yet resolved.  I understand that failure to report such information may result in the withdrawal of support for my participation in an overseas program.
  4. I understand that if I have been awarded a conditional nomination and do not meet the conditional requirements explained to me, despite acceptance letters from the host university, proximity of departure date and/or confirmed travel plans, I will not be permitted to participate in my overseas study program.
  5. I agree to maintain status as a full-time student while overseas, as detailed in the Academic Policy, unless my dean’s office has given prior approval for a reduced course load.
  6. I agree to provide the Office of Global Education with a working email address that I will check at least once a week throughout my study abroad program.  I understand that I am responsible for reading and responding promptly to all correspondence sent to me at this address.  If my mailing or email addresses change, I will inform OGE immediately of the new address.
  7. I agree to assume responsibility for all the elements necessary for my personal preparation for the program including: the completion of all supplementary application materials and full participation in the pre-departure orientations conducted by the Office of Global Education as well as the on-site orientation for its entire duration.
  8. I will give serious consideration to my health and personal circumstances when applying for or accepting a place in a program, and agree to notify the Office of Global Education of any health conditions or personal circumstances that may require special accommodations before my departure.
  9. I understand that if my program provides guaranteed student housing, I am required to live in program-provided accommodations and may not seek independent housing for my term abroad.
  10. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to keep my parents/guardians/emergency contacts informed on an ongoing basis about my participation in the study abroad program as well as provide them with emergency contact information. Furthermore, by signing these conditions, I provide Georgetown University with permission to inform parents/guardians/emergency contacts in the event of my dismissal from a study abroad program.
  11. I agree to abide by the schedule of payment as outlined in the Program Budget Sheet and understand that any outstanding balances at the host university will be billed to my Georgetown account.
  12. I agree to familiarize myself with the terms and conditions of the Georgetown Education Abroad Insurance Plan, and I certify that I am also covered by a valid domestic insurance plan for the duration of my program overseas.
  13. I understand that I am responsible for obtaining a passport and, if necessary, a visa.
  14. I understand that I will be held to a higher standard of conduct and level of personal responsibility on overseas study programs. In addition to abiding by these conditions, I understand that I am obligated to comply with local laws and customs while overseas. I recognize that my conduct can have an effect on the educational and institutional benefits intended by the program for other participants, hosts, and myself.
  15. I agree to behave within the spirit of Georgetown University’s Ethos Statement and the Conditions of Participation and to follow Georgetown’s Code of Student Conduct as outlined in the Student Handbook. I understand that infractions of the Conditions of Participation or Code of Student Conduct will result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to immediate dismissal from an overseas program and/or sanctions by the GU Office of Student Conduct. [In the event infractions of the Conditions of Participation or the Code of Student Conduct lead to the dismissal of a non-Georgetown student from an overseas program, Georgetown University reserves the right to inform the student’s home university.
  16. I understand that conduct considered unacceptable to Georgetown University may lead to my dismissal from the program.  Such conduct includes, but is not limited to: excessive use of alcohol; loud and/or abusive behavior toward others; sexual harassment; criminal conduct of any kind; attendance at and/or participation in rallies, protests, or demonstrations, or participation in political activities; unwillingness to cooperate with host institutions, host families or program managers; failure to comply with the Georgetown Academic Policy Statement or Conditions of Participation; and failure to comply with rules and advice provided by the Department of State, or by the host institution or its affiliates. Such conduct as well as any conduct which may be damaging to the program, other participants, working relations with governments, or Georgetown University’s educational partners may also lead to my dismissal from the program.
  17. I understand that Georgetown University upholds a zero-tolerance drug policy on its overseas study programs and that the purchase, sale, possession and/or use of drugs other than prescribed medication for legal medicinal purposes may lead to my immediate dismissal from the program. Sole discretion for my dismissal rests with the Director of OGE or his designee and dismissal under the zero-tolerance policy carries no right of appeal.
  18. I understand that if, after accepting placement I voluntarily withdraw from the program, a refund will be made in accordance with the current refund policy of the Office of Global Education as stated on my Acceptance Form. Furthermore, I understand that if, after accepting placement, I am withdrawn or dismissed from the program, no refund will be made by Georgetown University or the Office of Global Education.
  19. I acknowledge that the Office of Global Education reserves the right to cancel any program when deemed appropriate due to unforeseen circumstances.
  20. The Director of OGE or his designee may withdraw students from the program for a violation of these rules or for conduct that could bring the program into disrepute.
  21. I agree to register my travel with International SOS in a timely manner as mandated by the Georgetown University International Travel Policy.
  22. Students wishing to travel to other countries on personal travel may do so at their own risk as long as they do not miss any classes or any other academically related functions.  However, they are required to follow the host organization/institution policies for such travel and they should provide a brief itinerary including contact information to both the host organization/institution and to their advisor in OGE. Students are strongly discouraged to undertake any travel to countries found on the Travel Warning list as designated by the U.S. Department of State ( Adherence to U.S. State Department Warnings and Alerts should be followed at all times. U.S. students should register their travel with the Department of State’s STEP program for all travel they may undertake.