Selection Criteria

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Successful Georgetown study abroad applicants must be able to articulate how they meet the selection criteria below in the statement of academic intent, which is part of the application. The letter of recommendation, language proficiency (if applicable), and academic and judicial records will also be considered during the review process. Students who will be on active disciplinary or academic probation for the proposed term to study abroad are not eligible.

Academic and Intellectual Fit of Program

The fit between the program and your academic interests is of primary importance. How is this particular program going to be integrated into your intellectual pursuits at Georgetown? Do the courses you plan to take support your stated learning goals? You must be able to effectively communicate your academic goals for study abroad and how a particular program will be the best match to reach those goals. The correlation should be significant and direct.

Intercultural Learning Plan

Study abroad offers a unique opportunity for you to engage in intercultural learning and cross-cultural dialogue. You must be able to identify your specific intercultural learning goals for study abroad, as well as a realistic plan for meeting these goals. Your program choice must directly relate to this plan. You should carefully consider how the program structure, courses and extracurricular opportunities will support your stated intercultural learning goals. For example, does the living situation on this program provide for significant and real interaction with local people? Do you have a realistic plan in place regarding how to integrate yourself in your host city or town? Does the program offer real opportunities for you to gain an understanding of the host culture?

Academic Achievement/Preparedness

Proper preparation for an overseas experience is critical to the overall outcome of study abroad. You will need to demonstrate a strong commitment to language and academic preparation. This should include taking the language of your host country during the semester before your time away, if available, and taking courses that form a logical foundation for the subject and region of your chosen program.

Personal Preparedness

Studying abroad requires tolerance and a willingness to adjust to living and learning conditions very different from, and often much less comfortable than, those on the Georgetown campus. You must possess a high level of initiative, maturity, responsibility, and adaptability to be successful as a study abroad student. Your statement of academic intent should indicate how well you understand the potential challenges you will face in your host country and how you will deal with these challenges. Do you fully understand the level of personal responsibility you will be taking on, and do you have a sense of how you will represent your school and your home country in your host location? Review of your judicial record and the feedback from your faculty recommender should indicate that you have a sustained record of maturity and responsible community citizenship.