How many Georgetown undergraduates study abroad?

Approximately 55% of Georgetown students will study abroad during their undergraduate career.  Every year, the Office of Global Education sends between 900 and 1000 students on study abroad programs around the globe.

Where do Georgetown students study abroad?

Georgetown students have study abroad options in 40 different countries.  The most popular countries chosen by Georgetown students for study abroad during the 2015-2016 academic year (including summer 2016) are:

Who studies abroad?

Undergraduate students from the College, MSB, NHS, SFS, and Georgetown in Doha, Qatar all have the option to participate in study abroad programs.  The chart below shows participation in semester and full year programs among Georgetown students from all four schools over a four year period.

Enrollment by school 



2014-2015 2015-2016
COL 297 334 321 382
MSB 92 84 81 107
NHS 12 18 22 17

SFS; Georgetown in Doha, Qatar

159; 1 193; 0 185; 8 176; 2
Total 561 629 617 684

How many Georgetown-approved programs are offered?

OGE has a list of up to 160 semester, full year, and summer study abroad programs that students may choose.  Nearly 70% of Georgetown-approved programs are direct matriculation programs, in which students take courses and exams alongside degree-seeking students. Students are encouraged to enroll in direct matriculation programs in English-speaking countries, and in countries in which the language of instruction is French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian.