The Student Board of Global Education (SBGE) is a group of returning study abroad students, representing the various regions of the world, who act as an advisory and programming-planning board for OGE. This group is an integral part in the planning of outreach events for prospective study abroad students, cultural programming and re-entry events for returnee students, as well as advising for the Office of Global Education on matters related to study abroad student affairs.

The board is divided into four committees, each focusing on a unique aspect of the study abroad experience: Pre-Departure programming to prepare students for the overseas experience, Re-Entry programming for returning study abroad students to help with the reintegration process, Diversity initiatives to promote study abroad to students from historically under-represented backgrounds in these programs, and Professional tips on how to integrate the study abroad experience into the professional sector. 

Executive Board

Alex Nickol (COL '17), Chair - Nagoya, Japan

Jessica Hickle (SFS '18), Re-Entry Programming Chair - Tours, France & Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Tiffany Lam (NHS '17), Pre-Departure Programming Chair - Copenhagen, Denmark

Tithi Patel (SFS '18), Diversity Programming Chair - Amman, Jordan

Elizabeth Harvey (COL '17), Professional Programming Chair - Fiesole, Italy

Jada Bullen (SFS '17), Peer Advisor - Rabat, Morocco

Meredith Johnson (SFS '17), Peer Advisor - Madrid, Spain

Africa/Middle East

Elise Ran (SFS '17), Professional Committee - Gaborone, Botswana

Elizabeth Borneman (COL '17), Pre-Departure Committee - Cape Town, South Africa

Maeve Cleary (COL '17), Pre-Departure Committee - Cape Town, South Africa


Amyra Vetro (COL '17), Pre-Departure Committee - Taipei, Taiwan

Jia Li Dong (MSB '17), Diversity Committee - Hong Kong, China

Madeleine Augostini (COL '17), Pre-Departure Committee - Beijing, China 

Tauri Tomlin (SFS '17), Diversity Committee - Tokyo, Japan

Bailey Page (MSB '18), Pre-Departure Committee - Beijing, China

Maria Genie (MSB '17), Professional Committee - Hong Kong

Elena Frattaroli (MSB '18), Professional Committee - Hong Kong, China

Australia/New Zealand

Hannah Sanchez (COL '17), Professional Committee - Sydney, Australia


Brittany Hughes (SFS '17), Diversity Committee - Strasbourg, France

Meredith Johnson (SFS '17), Re-Entry Committee - Madrid, Spain

Svitlana Mykulynska (SFS '17), Professional Committee - Strasbourg, France

Amy Huang (COL '19), Diversity Committee - Fiesole, Italy

Maeve Cleary (COL '17), Pre-Departure Committee - Seville, Spain

Maria Genie (MSB '17), Professional Committee - Barcelona, Spain 

Margaux Glovier (SFS '18), Re-Entry Committee - Fiesole, Italy

Liz Kurdyla (COL '17), Re-Entry Committee - Copenhagen, Denmark

Audrey Chambers (COL '19), Re-Entry Committee - Barcelona, Spain

Latin America

Caitlyn Cobb (COL '18), Diversity Committee - Quito, Ecuador

Sabrina Kayser (SFS '17), Diversity Committee - Valparaíso, Chile

Sarah Sampei (SFS '18), Re-Entry Committee - Quito, Ecuador