OGE Ambassador Program

Returned study abroad student? Become an OGE Ambassador!

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Fall 2018 Ambassador Applications Open in August ’18!


The OGE Ambassador Program is a year long commitment for study abroad returnees who are interested in using their study abroad experience to further their personal, professional, and academic goals. Above all, Ambassadors will learn how to articulate their valuable study abroad experience to future study abroad Hoyas!

Once you are successfully admitted to the Ambassador Program, you must finish the requirements listed below in order to complete the program and achieve full Ambassador status. Students who successfully complete the program will be recognized by OGE at the end of the program term.  

Requirements and their cooresponding point values are categorized by:

  • OGE Events
  • OGE Outreach
  • Professional Development

​Please reference the OGE Ambassador Program Requirements Checklist (new window) for more information. Apply online through myGUABROAD.


Please complete your myGUABROAD application in one sitting. This is a one-step form.

The system will time-out and you may lose your responses after an extended period of time.